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Animal Food QA Program

A comprehensive, practical and cost-effective quality assurance program built to help fuel ethanol producers comply with The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

The co-products of Fuel Ethanol production are subject to the FSMA regulations when they enter the animal food market.

Certification to AFQA provides the assurance that all the necessary quality control policies, procedures, and processes are in place to ensure the production of safe, high quality food for animals.

AFQA is a comprehensive, practical, and cost-effective quality assurance program. The document dossier that makes up the AFQA Program is composed of the following programs, all of which are required for FSMA compliance:

Current Good Manufacturing (cGMP) SOPs

  • Personnel
  • Plant, Grounds, and Sanitation
  • Water Supply and Plumbing
  • Equipment and Utensils
  • Plant Operations
  • Mycotoxin Management
  • Holding and Distribution

Animal Food Safety Plan

  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Based Preventative Controls Plan
  • Recall Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Verification Policy
  • Reanalysis Policy
  • Record Keeping Policy
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